Lime Pudhina Chutney / Thogayal
A Special Thogayal for almost all of your tiffin items!

    Servings Prep Time
    1Cup 5Minutes
    Cook Time

    Servings Prep Time
    1Cup 5Minutes
    Cook Time


    • 4Tbsp

      Urad Daal

    • 4Pieces

      Gree Chillies

    • 1Piece

      LemonJuice to be extracted

    • SaltAs needed

    • 1 Cup

      PudhinaWashed and cleaned

    1. Fry Urad dhal and green chillies in little sesame oil till the dhal becomes brown.

    2. Remove it from kadal. In the same left over oil sauté Pudhina leaves.

    3. Now add the fried dhal and green chillies with pudhina leaves+ salt in a mixie and grind to paste.

    4. Now add Lemon juice and grind again to smooth paste.

    Recipe Notes
    Note :
    • This paste can be used for sandwich apart from regular usage like mixing with hot rice and as side dish to dosa, idly, pongal etc.
    • It can also be applied on dosa on one side and serve it folded.
    • The specialty of this thogayal is that it looks green and good for health as we don’t add tamarind.
    • This cannot be stored for long may be for two days in fridge.