Adai is a combination of rice with a range of colorful lentils to form a thick batter and later spiced up.

    Servings Prep Time
    12pieces 20minutes
    Cook Time

    Servings Prep Time
    12pieces 20minutes
    Cook Time


    • 1cup

      Raw Rice

    • 1Cup

      Boiled rice

    • 1/3Cup

      Toor Daal

    • 1/3Cup

      Urad Daal

    • 1/3Cup

      Bengal Gram

    • 5Piece

      Green Chilli

    • 12Piece

      Red Chilli

    • As Needed


    • As Needed


    • 2Piece

      OnionMedium size

    • As Needed

      Curry Leaves

    • As Needed


    • As Needed


    1. a. Soak Rice in a basin
      b. Soak Toor Daal, Urad Daal & Bengal Gram in a seperate basin

      It should be kept aside for 2 hours.

    2. a. Grind Red & Green chilli, Salt, Asafoetida and the soaked rice and Daal to make a batter

      b. Add Curry Leaves

      Note : The batter should not be a smooth paste, grind it coarsely.

    3. a. Heat a flat frying pan.
      b. Add a ladle of batter and spread into a small circle.
      c. Sprinkle Onion, dribble oil and cook on both sides.

      Note :
      a. Cook in high Flame
      b. Cook till the Adai becomes Orangish-brown
      c. Add more oil for extra crispness.

    Recipe Notes


    Adai – Few tips

    • Add Carrot / Potato shreds for extra taste.
    • Serve with butter / Jaggery
    • Serve hot for better taste, otherwise it will be hard to eat
    • Few toppings
      • Murunga Keerai (Drumstick Leaves)
      • Parangi (Pumpkin)
      • Vegetable
    • Add Grated Coconut for extra taste
    • If you like to have the flavour of coconut, add few spoons of Coconut oil with the cooking oil