Tasty thogayal

Some themes are breathtaking in their simplicity. When roasted lentils are ground into a powder with dry red chilies , we get a podi. When they are mixed with water into a thick dip, we get paruppu thogayal.

Mung dal, Tuvar dal and Chana Dal are most commonly used dals for traditional paruppu thogayals. But a variety of other dals can be used to cook up delicious thogayals.

Unlike a podi, a paruppu thogayal cannot be stored for long. Refrigerated, they last for a week. They can be eaten mixed with rice and ghee / sesame oil.

They also serve as an excellent side dish for Milagu rasam / Milagu kulambu / Vatral Kulambu / Kaara Kulambu & kootu. Rasam, Parupu Thogayal and sutta appalam is a very popular combination.